Hello anyone who still reads this Tumblr,

Hope you all are doing well. Mainly publishing this since I haven’t been on in a while and it’s a dull Friday afternoon/evening in Sacramento.

I am doing very well, and life is actually quite amazing. I’m right about halfway through the semester, and definitely have strong A’s in Physics and Calculus II (like borderline 100%). I have also come the the conclusion that a math-oriented field was where I was meant to be. So that, in combination with my fascination for NASA, outer space, flight, and all other physical wonders man has built or discovered, I have decided to pursue Aerospace Engineering. Now I just have to find the right school to finish off my studies. Fun stuff, senior year all over again. Except I’ll probably still be at ARC next fall to take some engineering classes and other prerequisites. Not so fun. As much as I enjoy solitude, sometimes it can be too much (like Fridays, for example).  I have become more involved in school activities in my leave of absence from Raley’s, which is a good experience for me.  And I meet cool people who share my enthusiasm for science and math! 

However, this whole back thing keeping me from working and doing almost anything physical is really getting quite old.  That’s really the only damper on my life right now.  It’s been since approximately May that I’ve been experiencing low back pain, and although it isn’t constant, it really hasn’t gotten better.  Even without work, the longer my day is, and the longer I have to stand or sit without laying down makes things worse.  So I’m scheduled to see the “back specialist” on November 14th.  Hopefully, we’ll find out what’s wrong and that it won’t be too bad. But overall, that really hasn’t kept me down mentally, just physically.

Lastly for this post, I am going to a orchestral concert with a girl tonight in a little bit.  We’ve hung out a few times over the last year, mostly casual, no real “date” stuff, but I do get a strong feeling that she’s quite into me.  So she invited me tonight because she has to go for a class, and I said sure.  Not super excited, but we’ll see how it goes.  She’s very nice, and quite cute, but seems too be a little too shy for me sometimes.  Honestly, I do like being single, but occasionally, I wonder if I should try dating again.  Several girls come into mind, some whose numbers I don’t actually have, so not an option at the moment.  But I’ve never really decided I’ve wanted to give up being free and single, so I haven’t actively pursued spittin’ game.  Maybe tonight will bring some answers to some of those questions.  Again, I guess we’ll see how things play out.  

So for now, take care and much love from Sacramento,