Cat-Sitting (Pasha the Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat)

I’ve been house sitting for a particular family for the last few years and I’ve loved it. However, their cat has been getting very aggressive lately, or at least I don’t recall him being this pushy before. He really craves attention, probably because he’s alone quite a bit, and will bring me things from around the house. Of course, I pet him and occasionally play with him. However, if I should ignore him, he’ll start to bite at the legs (which also happens when he gets too excited and runs around too much). If I try and lock him out of the guest room to get some sleep, he’ll literally jump at my chest with claws extended. And then meow ruthlessly in the middle of the night while I’m trying to sleep. This cat is nuts. Thank God he can’t open doors (yet).

I don’t remember her face anymore.

Girls Pt. 6.1

Being Alive - Company (Original Broadway Cast) - Stephen Sondheim

Girls Pt. 6

Is it too much to ask for arranged relationships? Like mutual friends set up something? Jesus I’m awkward as fuck around cute girls I don’t know well.

I’m also at a stage in my life where I have a lot of opportunities before me, and I’m an extremely cautious person. I mistrust unknowns and possibilities, which is maybe why I don’t like taking chances or making rash decisions. In two months, I could be across the country (if I’m lucky), and certainly once fall comes, I’ll be starting a whole new life somewhere (very anxious about that). Time continues to fly by, and soon I’ll be finished with my undergraduate studies, then my graduate studies, then my career or something like that. Why start a relationship when (if it lasts) it will inevitably turn into a long-distance relationship? Is love really worth it?

When I move, I intend on starting completely new, and in this case, that means no emotional connections keeping me from experiencing everything I can (with the exception of my family). So why is it that every so often some girl shows up that makes me question that, when I know full well why I don’t want to dedicate the time and energy that a healthy relationship deserves? I don’t even know her, so why bother? Feelings are stupid.

On the other hand, part of me knows that I need practice dating (I can’t even remember the last time I went on a date - if memory serves me correctly, it would have been around late 2012).  But in that case, I’d be deliberately “testing the waters” if you will, and that might be a little fucked up when playing with someone’s emotions… I suppose all of this assumes that she would even go on a date with me to begin with. Ah, love. As logical as I try to be, somewhere buried is part of me that still feels and loves; some piece of me that rears its head every now and then and fucks with me. Damn chemicals driving a scientific man insane.


So I’ve been sick the past week, although it’s been worst over the past 3 days. As such, I’ve spent most of the last 72 hours sleeping, yet I feel like I’ve accomplished the same amount as I normally do during regular weekends. What does this say about my typical weekend habits?


Are gobbling on my street. I don’t know what they want, but they keep gobbling. GOBBLING GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE.

After A Few Busy Weeks (or so?)

I’m back! This was good experiment staying away from Tumblr.

Outside of Tumblr, I had my car fixed (it was the rear brakes) and also replaced the tires, so everything is squeaky clean. Last Friday, I attended an engineering career fair at Sac State, which was tiring but a good experience. I ran into my friend Andres Garcia from Jesuit, which was great. I have also finished “A Clash of Kings”, the second book in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. However, I was hoping to have read up to the 4th book by the beginning of Season 4 of Game of Thrones, so I may try to postpone watching the 4th season when it airs. This past Sunday, this first episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey aired, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Finally, today I took the first of three Statics exams. Overall, I felt very confident about it, although I know I made a small mistake on the first problem somewhere, and might have missed 5 extra credit points on the third, so I hope that doesn’t hold me back from getting a high A. Mostly, I’m just concerned about the competition within this class, and I’m guessing this exam won’t be scaled/curved much (if at all). But I think I did well regardless. Kinda scary how fast this semester is going.

Tumblr Break

Over the past few months/years, I’ve noticed I start developing bad habits when it comes to procrastination. I used to check Facebook, for example. Now I check the news on my laptop or Tumblr on my phone, neither of which really helps me get anything productive done. I’m very conscientious of the fact that I check the same websites every time I open my laptop, so I’ve decided to try and curb that habit. As for the phone, I’ll be logging out of Tumblr for the time being. I do mean to come back soon, but I want to see if I can be more efficient in small ways. In the meantime, enjoy the queue.

So, today I had fun trying to record the squeaking/grinding while I drove. This was a fairly good clip, plus I managed to remove most of the wind noise (since my phone was being held out the window while I recorded). I’ll probably end up taking the car back with this audio clip to play for them, but I’ll be doing my own research first.

First Transfer Acceptance

Cal Poly SLO! Woo! It’ll be a while before final decision is made, but exciting nonetheless. I’ll finally be transferring next fall!